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The Seychelles - Seychellois Communities, who had migrated pre-World War l, 1914 onward numbered some 500 by the beginning of Independence process numbered some 1,500 - 2,500 including intermarriage,  of East Africa, Central Africa - Congo, French speaking West Africa, French North Africa, South Africa and former Rhodesia were very distinctive between their Indian Ocean Seychelles counterpart and fellow countryman in very many aspects. That had come to inherit the great heritage, history, culture,  tradition, workings of their French ancestors - that of Colonial Britain and other European Communities in then Africa, The varied interests they pursued their Business, Education/Academic, Military/Police, Clubs, Sports, Charities, Political interests, Scientific, Philanthropic and Secret Societies. Their distinctiveness, work - life achievements, renown and importance/fame. The Families they build,  values they represented and  propagated. Their vision, ambitions  life expectation. In instances very hard work, industrious, enterprising abilities, affluence, wealth, fortune they had amassed and respect - endearment. This included the white, mixed and black creole Seychellois. Details, infos - Seychelles National, East Africa, former Rhodesia, South Africa, North, West  and Central Africa, World  archive. From pre-events of the Second World War 1914-1960's, it representing the golden years of our respective Communities in Africa along with the many others and the advent of Decolonization and Independence.

Come the era of 1970's, 80 percent of the Seychelles - Seychellois Communities across Africa , had migrated, forced, compelled, to seek  new Homes  land and country  of refuge along with the very many important Communities, Nationalities, affected and involved - impacted in Africa decolonization and Independence process. This was Britain, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Australia, USA, South America,  South Africa, Canada, New Zealand, Gulf Region and Asia. Their new found Home, respective culture, values, institutions and workings. 

From former East Africa, Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika, Zanzibar, Rhodesia countless Seychellois prominent Families, choose to return and rebuild their lives, business, interests, Family and fortunes -wealth, position in society. The vast  richness of  abilities they brought to their native country in the process - decision in reshaping and rebuilding it from then Britain Colonial position - situation and existence   The vast wealth of experience they had acquired in Africa. The very many who viewed their concern of an imminent Independence of  Sechelles Seychelles, what this would spell, represent and led to.  The political process Seychelles was going through in the 60' and 70's given its proximity to Africa,  impacted, influenced by regional, International and world events. Most important the Cold War, conflict of ideology between the West and the East, Communism. 

Just as they had foreseen, predicted events and development in and across African continent, the familiar fate Seychelles their native homeland was to experience. Events of pre Independence and 1977/78. Independence and the 5th June coup d'etat. Events, the setting up of One Party System, abolition of most Rights, imprisonment, sent/forced into exile and their properties and wealth confiscated. The few that Joined try to work with the Ruling party and Government/Regime. 

In Britain by 1970's early, Europe there had been a Community of former East Africa and Africa Seychellois/Seychelles migrant, refugee - call them whatever. Their distinctive view of the situation in Seychelles Pre Independence and after events of 5th June 1977.  Their unique relation with the Families, children and close relatives of those form former East Africa - the important role they played and quality of advice, help, shelter,  and support in rebuilding their lives and future  Again the important if not key/Vital role they played in the many counter coup and military attempts to change Seychelles One Party System/government.  Their respective influences and connections, their important understanding and working of Britain Colonial and European system, issues, politic, society, culture, media, institutions. They were radical anti Communist/extreme socialist. They were to play a very key role how Seychelles would change and by what means and manner. They held very dim views of most of the Exile/refugees activities and protests. Likewise former President Mancham and FA Rene. They use to call/name us little lunatics other names in Creole.  By middle 1980's there were several faction from exile operating/based in Britain - London, government in exile. Based upon the request, call from the former East Africa communities and the UN Institutions that we endeavor to build long term structures in Britain and Europe from thence - fight our fight and corner. Those who opposed such approach and "demarche" as we say in Creole - it was  they/those who who had voiced that we help put into place a body structure that would promote, represent and work the issues of the former East African Seychelles Community in Britain - we had trusted and hoped Seychelles would have changed differently and as such the restructuring of our greater British and European workings - it was not to be. In 1993, decided to formulate and put into place a structure and organisation for the, - their children and future generation - the birth of  ESAUO in  Folkestone/Dover, Kent.  Again we had wished to set this up in Bruxelles or Calais, event and the bitter oppositions, persecution and conclusion. 

When the first Live Aid project came up 1984/85  beside the global situation - the Seychellois as an exile, ethnic community in Britain, the many economic problematic - what our peers from former East Africa and Africa used to comment and snap back.  The mega miss management right across Africa. We had acquired important experience of working with the UN and UNIDO on important issues, mainly economic issues, among them Africa mega debt issues - the argument being circulated by many OAU leading politicians.  In England  our important Community working connection to the larger Irish NGO, Voluntary sector and Grass Root. Including then Bod Geldof music group very unknown - had we not lived or worked in Kilburn, Bob Geldof may never have gotten involved in  Live Aid.  Those who know the other side of the coin. Along with the many important working of former Rhodesia, South Africa, Kenya, Tanganyika, Central Africa, Ghana and others because of our politic had become engaged using some of our very highly complex former East and Africa above mention workings. 

Come 1986 - beside discussions with them, and many other for a working solution to change Seychelles, the Opposition Leader had been assassinated - the wound was very raw. We found our self embroiled in then OAU workings, politic, economy, education, science, project investment, network building the long list. The decision to put together a Program which would be acceptable to FA Rene ruling party and government. The ideas had been marketed to the former East Africa communities - their reactions. in depth it was more complex. the issues of some of the Ministers form East Africa and Minister Ogilvy Berlouis. They gave me/us in principal their backing and support with the usual warning. It required a great deal of understanding of then OAU and former, current and future Africa working to formulate properly this program - particularly the Military aspects.  Not all the details were discussed - among them the issues of CERN, Communication and that WWW workings,  we had Africa in mind, those who did not know and never knew. The program was duly accepted and we began the implementation - the many of the above who knew the issues.  World events and Africa was moving fast including South Africa.  Seychelles acquired multiparty 1991 and the many conflicting claims.  The USSR and the COMECON had change forever. 

Europe, the USA, China, the Arabs nation, Russia began to develop and formulate global workings - Africa - OAU found itself more and more cornered because of the corruption and mountain of debt. As USSR and the COMECON  had got away with their debt those calling and seeking the same for Africa. Europe began its expansion politic and Europe - Africa, OAU relation,  politic took a very different new tone, the disparity between the emerging EU institutions and that of the OAU. We/I Termed this "comparing the business suit between Europe and Africa". Again the approach we took to deliver on that SIROP program  and then PM Blair government. In 2003 PM Blair began addressing the need to put into place an Africa Commission - those of use who know the other agenda, what we had wanted and as against that of Britain/London. In 2004 the Africa Commission was formerly put into place and the Agendas set out. Africa Debt write off in Edinburgh Summit  - the failed economic and reintegration, migration politic remotely addressed. Including the Morocco - Gibraltar Tunnel/link and African Transport. We in the Indian Ocean, the COI the economic, politic and diplomacy we were perusing.  The Africa Commission had not been able to address the mega disparity between EU developing institutions democratic momentum in relation to OAU workings. 

Because of our unique workings from African continent past 400  years,  just as we had put together that SIROP program their important involvements - we judge we had the capacity to find a solution to get Africa to adopt most of EU in place institutions, workings and benchmarks - we name this "giving Africa the same suit as Europe".  Again all the critics and oppositions if we dared get involved - the decision on our part to find and present Libya - president Qaddafi with the challenge. What the USA and European media have written are not correct - You cannot undertake such important negotiations without their Intelligence Services, high politician and other institutions getting to know and involved and they were from the  beginning  to the end.  So it was President Qaddafi managed to convinced the OAU majority  of the benefits and advantage to accept an African Union Charter, events and History.  Just  as President Qaddafi was sent to his execution so too,  all the important involvements and associated working  of the Seychelles East Africa, South Africa, Central Africa., West Africa, Francophone, Pied Noirs workings and North Africa were discredited and given the usual label,  Those who took the credit instead. 

In the global workings of nation today, with those Seychellois from Africa scattered across the world and the country they have come to call Home, respective democratic workings.  The future generation - how they will engaged and co-relate having participated and contributed so much - yet the current development among African Union Officials and Institutions.  Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion was one entity  200 years ago, those nations decision to reengage in the form of Regional workings - particularly Mauritius dynamic current engagement in Africa,  many avenues, business partnership, expertise, financial and agriculture expertise with great success and the important reasons.  In setting up this website we trust and hope it will  encourage and aspire the children and future generation of those Seychellois from Africa to become more engage and help rebuild a different Africa and African Union their ancestors had know - as such their duty and obligation .