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Winnie Mandela dead at 81: Nelson Mandela's ex-wife dies -State/Military funeral

Posted by sirop14 on April 15, 2018 at 4:00 AM

Winnie Mandela dead at 81: Nelson Mandela's ex-wife dies -State/Military funeral

This morning as the world, south Africa, former OAU left wing countries, their politicians, that matter in the Indian Ocean and Europe the white South African exiles/diaspora and the black South African diaspora, the buzz, thoughts, personal resentment about Mrs Winnie Mandela her life and important state/military funeral-


Our thought turn to 87a Victoria Rd where shortly after the Assassination of Seychelles MPR/SNM leader we were given a place to live ex coach House /garage in Kilburn the very large Irish community, the NGO and Irish national workings with South Africa and the many African political faction and their issues. Without having to be living among the greater London Irish community, their dynamic and aggressive community thematic and national the difference we would have had to work input in then South Africa development form 1986 to 1991 when we had to leave Kilburn. We had also earned due respect form the greater Irish community and in London then you had to be relatively efficacy at what you do for this to happen, along with the good will we had build.


The Irish community unlike the white British/English understood our plight in the Cold War Seychelles Indian ocean and South Africa better the the above mentioned - they had been brutally oppressed and were being oppressed and marginalized, they shared knowledge and insight with us. This does not happen to any individual or ethnic community in London/Britain. As such their fighting spirit/aggressiveness.


This morning in Kent the white South /African Community and some of the black south African families - we would have needed/like to be able to be in Kilburn or go by a seaside and listen to the sea, the wind and the waves. We do not have a car to catch a train this Sunday and the repairs uncertainty on the rails. Or be in Calais. Watch the sea gulls and other birds.


One cannot compared the two the moment President Mitterrand left us and his wife that or president Mandela and now his wife. The intensity of the topics and thematic my person had worked and associated with them particularly from a High Interdisciplinary management prospective. Certain people/personalities demand /ask that one do not divulge/address the thematic one had worked and impute in and when one review their respective lives and era the mega holes,gaps and distortion it could not have happened that way and would never have happen. Young adult with go to universities and learn this as facts and get their qualification and degrees. They will take up and carry the corrupted flames of lies and distortion , dishonesty.


Then there are the children what they have known and been told, the families and close associates who have know what they know and other wise. What they may write and how they will work out the issues and their past life and future.


We also had our Hounslow community and other communities, those in Ealing and central London the diplomatic place and the many NGO and their directors we have worked and battled the issues with. British society thrives on inventions , telling untrue stories, sleaze and distortions of facts and events.


Under the half norm when such personality leave this world and leave behind their children and very close member of the family a person like myself who have worked input in their many complex life thematic is expected/supposed to stay and maintain some form of contacts with as we did the Mitterrand children . As we did with the Kenyatta Family and the Central African Nation. Other Head of state we have impute and associated with their families and children.


South Africa was a great country in Africa and the world what it reflected and this is degrading south Africa is less positive today and its future very uncertain. Particularly its role in the African Union, SADC, Seychelles and Mauritius. South Africa white dominant corporate workings compared to Seychelles and Mauritius - their respond and position this morning. We have impute in a couple of great south African classic films and e are not supposed to tell the world our part. In Seychelles an d Mauritius the South African Community this morning.


The strangest of the lost is the current South African President typical of African politic and Head of state when one has impute and driven their respective topics when they acquire Power how they comport and behave. His life between 1981 then London, Britain to 1991 when we left Kilburn and headed for the continent and never making it.


For a long time after the changes in Seychelles those who knew and had worked the topic refusal to say what had taken place between the person of Mr Giovanni Mario Ricci, working and living in South Africa form 1986 to 1991 yet they were very important. Seychelles Nation and exile/refugee high corporate workings politely said with South Africa and he rest of the world. Even the current President of south Africa did not know how it work and the benchmark in South Africa today.


In this blog we will left former President Sir James Mancham fight his own corner, those who represent him, those form former South African military technicians and Intelligence. Talking of someone leaving you to hold the baby and left with a massive bundle of dirty laundry if this is not one then it never existed and the terminology with it.;


President F Mitterrand warned/manned us about the workings of Illuminati in Africa - the grave concern in south Africa the state of things. Their voice silence


Just may be if we could have taken a bus all the way to Monaco this morning and grab a very large deep blue towel and find a corner if such thing exist in Monaco beach or rocky corner and listen to the sea, the birds and all the rest. Trusting that Prince Albert his Royal person would have awoken on the right foot.



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