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Uganda born 4th Republic of Seychelles President, Excellency Danny R Faure

Posted by sirop14 on October 19, 2016 at 6:20 AM

Uganda born 4th Republic of Seychelles President, Excellency Danny R Faure


Please note the last entry- news, was the loss and departure of Mr Nazareth formerly from East Africa and his family's wife from Beau Vallon - Seychelles. Please also note the two Jaguar car our rumbling about Judge EJ Stiven two mark 7 and 8 Jaguar in Seychelles - the State/government House as we called it then.


We had started the old Seyafrique project under then Chancellor Gordon Brown and PM Blair, the talk of a would be Africa debt write off - those who crashed that project in spite of our involvement and contribution that Africa debt got written of and thank you to that SIROP program - the hundred who bombarded me from Africa, with email of $50, $70, $100, million to managed and what have you. Those who monitor my email/police ought to know.


Given Seychelles our very old French colonial and British Colonial East and African workings, Families and their heritage, beside those in Seychelles their contribution leading to Independence and those who formed part of President FA Rene entourage, colleague and associates and later Officials and Ministers - to stress the difference in working, culture, thinking process, approach - their role in that SIROP program had started this project so that we could liaise with those interested at EU and the Indian Ocean and OAU level.


We decided and endevoured to rebuild things with he current Webs portal and the coming into being of African Union more so the need for our community in Europe to have some kind of working relation beside the Seychelles government - PM Blair many African Union and Africa Commission thematic.


When Secretary General Jean Ping, was in office we had no problem - then came the former wife of President Jacob Zuma and he gave us a rough time and almost demanded that this project be shut down - the African Union police debacles and they are very corrupt. Hence we colled off and posted almost nothing. She is still in Office and we have a President of Uganda birth what the heck are we to do - I stress my education have been secondary kilembe Mine Company and later St Micheal Catholic Boarding in Toro - Fortportal. We had some good professors and medicorce one and the same with the White fathers. Over the years in Europe and London my relation with the many of Africa - very many impute and contributions in many of Africa thematic and the Live Aid with Sir Bob Geldof and many others and the Famine world event.


Much more important using the same mechanism as we and those involved in Europe in deciding where what body and building ought to be including the building the duplicate of St Peter Basilica and the building of AU head quarter in Adisababa - Ethiopia.


With the coming to office of President Danny R Faure, just like those in Africa who used my person to drive, bulldoze and synergized very many important thematic - equally with president Danny Faure - it is the way things are done in Africa and it will never change. By the way the need to stress many in Uganda those who confused us with Sicly Islands


The Emphasis of the three mega UN meeting on Exile/refugees and sustainable development - our respective comments and President Obama indication - there is a very great deal that can and will be done the next first Term of President Danny Faure and eventual second Term - we are looking at 10 years down the road, a complete different Africa working relation with Sechelles Seychelles and its complicated Europe heritage and Arcadian workings.


The European Union, Russia, China, India and those from BRICS nation know of this project and portal.


SBC SEYCHELLES - Inauguration Ceremony - New President of Seychelles - 16 October 2016


President Faure Addresses National Assembly - YouTube

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