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Mr Anthony Nazareth ex Zanzibar/Tanganyika death our acquaintance in Ashford Kent the past 20 years

Posted by sirop14 on February 3, 2016 at 10:50 PM

Please note the above picture are two bread pudding we bought at Craig Bakery Ashford 3/2/16 our prayer was partly answered and we did manage to attend the ceremony for Mr Anthony Nazareth departure from us. ( Extending excuses to those who may not have understood what was going on from our prospective.) During my /our stay in East Berlin poked very many about that black Jaguar in the Check Point Charlie and worked this topic several times - to is those who may not know the important complexities associated with that Black Jaguar and in Kent the very large collection of Jags going back to Mark 7 Ashford 1991 - call us Arcadian in a way the manner we approach sharing our grief with the Nazareth Family at this very important loss. Standing away from the main Church building we noted the very stretch Jaguar as part of the cortege - ideas went racing - many of the thematic we have written about Ashford Middlesex and Ashford Kent - What happened next is much more important the Hearst a it reversed had the Jaguar emblem - Which would make two very strange Jaguar parked inform of St Therese Church Ashford for this important Church/bereavement function. ( We want to stress we had learn to drive in two Black Jaguar in Sechelles Seychelles - we have been trained and brought by to take such challenges very seriously when confronted /faced with. The TATA India parent Company of Jaguar - ask /inquire of PM Blair and chancellor Brown we played a role in that acquisition. We have stressed this before. We ask the Church official, the Head of the Nazareth Family their relatives, friends and Grand children for being unsocial and focusing just on this topic.

Beside the harassment of yesterdays morning - what we wrote. The hundreds or thousands who have very little respect, understanding of/for religion Christian - their emphasis on Masonic belief and practice. I took a spirit level as walking stick. From Ashford International Station all the staffs, the camera - what Masonic standard - in the first place for any son when you see you father grab a spirit level unless you are a drug addict, abnormal in the mind, drunk or full of hate/rage - your mind/system question should question yourself - challenge you. Let alone if you have grown up in the environment of Freemason working and practice.

Some individuals did stop to look and we grasped their look and thoughts - much more important the rebuilding of this Ashford Town , the International Station my personal contributions - the few who were asking themselves why was I walking around with a spirit level as walking stick. ( beside the limping incident I developed two weeks ago.)

Now forget the cameras, - our son works in Ashford and his former schools friends - oh the efforts we made for him to attend that Crammer School supposedly one of the the best.

I walked/used that spirit level as walking stick around Ashford given the first time I had gone to Town to pay for my Yard Space Rent. Again that should have sent mind thinking. Where this Yard is and the past 20 years event/issues including the famous " Mad Cow epidemic and the Bird flue phenomena" those who knew what triggered these two incidents and what the police and so call experts told the public and published. The many Air tragic accidents, death, loss of lives and the cost and efforts to find the wreck and inquiries - it meant nothing and for to all those with very problematic mind it means nothing. Then President Obama talks of Gun and Control those who in the name of so call Freemason have used that infernal satanic mechanism and the carnage and death they have caused and are causing.

Talking of the Yard - over the past 20 years the many other personal incidents and we have discussed and talked with those who work locally and have Yards, the manner individuals , male or female they get pushed to their death/in scientific Term the abnormal methods and mechanism used/applied to kill them and cause their death.

I should have taken the small bus which would stop outside Debenham - later, the ideas running in my head, how that building was constructed and the why. What I have been writing and protesting those who have used and abused my person through my son to extract information, knowledge, business working to leverage and gear their interests. Several of these so call construction project in Ashford and other parts of Kent.

What about those white female folks, mothers with pram and their infants when they saw/noted me walking/using a/that spirit level as walking stick sent question to their mind and person - because of the high level of abnormal human working that " satanic rage/rave phenomena, the malfunction and just ignore it".

I decided - concluded I may not be able to attend Mr Anthony Nazareth funeral service - so would got to St Therese Church a pray, all the rage and rave on the round about by the cars and drivers and the intimidation - racist issues. The door of the church was locked so took some pictures and prayer. Prayed for the Nazareth Family. It is not just that he was a devout Christian - the vast many Goans are Christian and their view of life and best practice - human relationship/friendship. I went over to the statue of the Madonna holding the infant Christ and took pictures of that spirit level and myself - across the St John ambulance, Rad Cross, Wilmot Citroen car depot and behind the supposedly elite girl grammar school. Because of what I have addressed about Mr Nazareth, the ANC/Pan African Congress, event in south Africa, the Indian Ocean, Europe - that SIROP program mechanism dynamic associated with the Vatican, church of England - the many new church Building it caused to be build and those who knew and were aware - including the St Peter Basilica replica in Africa. We stay in Kent the church of England debacle in 1991, the property they held and the investment politic, the media and the man y who had wanted to start church in Ashford. When I came to Ashford in 1991 with our son and deciding to go to France or Bruxelles went to pray there, talked to the Priest and seeked their help and support and all the time he attended Grammar school when we came to Town would park the car by the Priest House.

I then walked to the Nazareth Family house using that spirit level as walking stick again the Road we park th car when we come to Town for the past 6 years.

Upon reaching the Nazareth residence, hi son was not there, safe the daughters and Mother - I had gone to Clinton Card shop and bought a condolence card, requested a pen and used a pile of card board to write the card and the open door, the sets of alarm on the wall and the mothers with their babies in push chairs. Over the past 20 years the many card I have bought there specially for our son's birthday, Christmas and New year.

I went across the bakery shop and bought two bread pudding and the Black lad who came and looked at my person and that spirit level and his friend outside waiting.

I leaned that spirit level against Mr Nazareth House took some pictures an of myself and rang the bell. Was allowed in and paid my respect and left the condolence card beneath Mr Nazareth picture - his son who is a Priest was not in - they had to go out. So walked all the way back to Town. I had also inquired of a Gurkha ex Army and the many of them kin Ashford the cost for a taxi to to there.

I decided to have a coffee by the army tank cafe, Mr Nazareth knew that place very well and ordered a coffee, chips - I decided to tell the owner of the place how Mr Nazareth had met his death. The so call accident and after that never recovered properly. We have another good acquaintance he came to his death the same way in Ashford - the family is Adventist and the eldest used to work for the Prison Service. Why and who caused these so call accident and death. A white young couple spelling trouble came in and the harassment I experienced - also took some pictures. Across there is the Prince of Wales famous pub and the many incidents in Ashford the past 25 years - had actually gone in there to ask for help/direction where we could get a place to stay in 1991. The Pub has been purchased by ex Gurkha soldier - the family in question know my person _ I have discussed the Seychelles Gurkha issues and the Montagne Posee Jail where they work and elsewhere on the Island. Fortunately a white person wearing council jacket and a construction company came i for a coffee and I decided to greet him and hare the Issues of Mr Nazareth. He was married with a person form Kenya and given that Mr Nazareth was form East Africa and my person we talked a while. All the way to Iceland shop and the bus those who just started or were outright nasty. We had also gone into the Post office using that spirit level as walking stick to pay Rent what I share with a young Post office official of Indian Origin about Mr Nazareth death and the circumstances.

catching the Train, the nastiness, the threats and intimidation. All those who see red and get mad when I write about the so call great England. Plain thug just because they have white skins their comportment, nobody say anything or stop them.

At the station decided to walk all the way to the village, again the insults and the threats, the abuse using that satanic rage/mechanism fro the many cars that drove by.

I have written of the incident three weeks before end of January where the market played havoc and the Chines lost alone $900 billions. What the so call great expert were saying and the politicians - I have a good mind to discontinue that portal project function and just watch the market crash again then let them tell their blasted lies. However there are grave issues - my person have been one of the single and last to ever endeavor to set up a Masonic Lode in this country for its community. Those who know the challenges. I have threaten to pull out of England and to do this will have to close down many of my space of work. For the past 5 years have written and pleaded. I have entered into extensive correspondence with the French Immigration authority to explain my situation and case. My last phone conversation with them was monitored by the police and the Council and government. I have been hoping those human, individual still with some brain would react and do something. I ask you who have know my person the past 30 years in UK if you are very/acutely aware of the dangers of your person, they want to kill you what would you do. Mr Ralph Hoareau gave an interview on Seychelles Canadian Radio about his brothers assassination - and others they have omitted a very great deal. What we have written. The killing of somebody is not just back and white.

To those out there who will question our approach - the bloody lies and cover u of the European Refugee/exile crises. I have worked those issues the past 35 years. The circumstance they leave and give up everything and go, try to get away. We are in Europe and those who talk of law and Justice. What will inevitably happen when my person is forced to just leave everything behind and seek political asylum in another European country - the due process. The doomsday clock was recently changed closer to midnight - my person have worked those issues the past 35 years and managed/helped managed many of those vast complexities. such was the case/decision to leave Seychelles in 1976.

There are very many who may have asked why my special interests in the Jewish nation, past and present - I want to stress, forget the Bible my ancestor have lived in the country from the Norman days. What become of them and their history, why they had to migrate and leave Britain to settle in Australia, Newzealand, Canada and the USA. With the Jews there is a particular aspect of human development - they were a very industrious people right across the ages including France - their reward and fate. Our Family branch from the Indian Ocean - my contribution to the Britain nation, people the past 30 years - the same fate that awaited the Jewish people who had build the respective nation where they had lived, the same fate await us/my person unless I can put into place a gangster setup to defend and protect my person and interests. By the way we would like to remind those from the Home Office over the past 30 years the many important personalities we have impute in their lives and the scandals and the deportation scandals - at the end of the day it mean nothing to individual or politician who have become demented and depraved.

I will write to a few close family members and politicians in Seychelles asking for their help and support after that time is running out I will have to take action. We are going to post this on SIROP blog and linked it to our Facebook.

 The Seychelles Zanzibari UK have lost a great friend Mr Anthony Nazareth

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